Golden Visa: A Practical Guide

Golden Visa: A Practical Guide Date Are you interested in having the benefits of being a Spanish resident without having to live in Spain full time? Golden Visa is a term that refers to a one-year residential visa that can be extended by renewal that is officially granted to the owner and his immediate family […]

Menorca: The Island of Bliss

Menorca: The Island of Bliss FECHA Menorca is a fascinating island that has been established as a meeting point for those who want to enjoy its beauty and tranquility. Its idyllic beaches, its native nature, its cities with history and its hospitable people make the island a great attraction either to have a second home […]

Luxury condos at sea: All Aboard!

Luxury condos at sea: All Aboard! FECHA Welcome a unique experience. Floating residences. There is already one of the so-called residential cruise ships sailing and another two under construction, so everything indicates this trend will continue to grow as an alternative to traditional buildings. The pioneer was a vessel called The World which has been […]

Miami, Considered the Healthiest city in the US

Miami, Considered as the Healthiest City in the US FECHA The leading wellness industry platform Mindbody has once again released their yearly ranking of the healthiest cities in the US. Some considered factors are sufficient sleep, stress levels, connection to community, etc. This year marks the third consecutive year that this city leads the ranking, […]

Barcelona: The best city to work abroad

Barcelona: The best city to work abroad Date Barcelona is a well-known favourite amongst tourists and students for its culture, education and gastronomy. However, the coastal city has progressively shifted its focus towards growing as a business city.  Its Investment put into the 22@ as a tech hub has seen as a result a major […]

Investment Record in Barcelona

BARCELONA ENEDED THIS YEAR WITH RECORD NUMBERS IN INVESTMENT DATE Barcelona in 2021 has broken historical records in terms of investment. The city closed the year with an investment of 3,657 million euros. This represents a growth of 139% compared to last year and almost 30% compared to 2019. 85% of investment has been directed […]