Barcelona: The best city to work abroad


Barcelona is a well-known favourite amongst tourists and students for its culture, education and gastronomy. However, the coastal city has progressively shifted its focus towards growing as a business city. 

Its Investment put into the 22@ as a tech hub has seen as a result a major talent attraction due to the thriving Startup ecosystem that has been built in this area. 

Other initiatives like the international fairs and congresses are crucial to bring attention towards the city’s versatility. 

This has inevitably positioned Barcelona as a very interesting work and business destination amidst young professionals. 

A recent study carried out by the Boston Consulting Group reflects this reality that shows that the city is ranked in the top 10 preferred destinations to work abroad, just behind New York. 

Offering a fresh and new perspective on the close coexistence between start ups and great corporations, Barcelona is the perfect stage to venture as a professional. 

On top of being innovative and business oriented, the city has a fabulous character that brings a unique lifestyle with it. A soft and privileged weather and having both the Mediterranean shores and the Collserola hills, allow Barcelona to be considered as an ideal place to live in. 

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