Golden Visa: A Practical Guide


Are you interested in having the benefits of being a Spanish resident without having to live in Spain full time?

Golden Visa is a term that refers to a one-year residential visa that can be extended by renewal that is officially granted to the owner and his immediate family when an investment of 500,000 Eur or more is made in real estate in Spain.

The benefits of this arrangement are universal to all dependent family members of the investor and their spouse. Including children and dependent parents.

Such benefits include:

– Residence in Spain is allowed for one year, however it is not compulsory to reside in the country if the investor      does not wish to do so.
– License to work within the territory.
– Freedom of movement within the Schengen territory.
– Possibility of introducing immediate family members or dependents to the country.
– Tax benefits as a resident in Spain.

The main requirements to be eligible are the following.

– Lack of criminal records
– Not having been banned from any of the Schengen countries
– Not having entered spanish soil illegally
– Available private or public medical assurance
– Available funds to sustain oneself and/or a family.

This is one of the most demanded procedures because of its easy implementation and its extended benefits.

An extraordinary advantage that can be key when acquiring a property in the Spanish territory.

At Living Lab we can advise and guide you through the entire process so that you can make enjoy all of the fantastic opportunities that come with this excellent program.


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