Miami, Considered as the Healthiest City in the US


The leading wellness industry platform Mindbody has once again released their yearly ranking of the healthiest cities in the US.

Some considered factors are sufficient sleep, stress levels, connection to community, etc.

This year marks the third consecutive year that this city leads the ranking, proving that its residents are actively practicing self-care and community care. 

The past couple years have really emphasized the importance of physical and mental health. Wellness is a top subject among the population now a days and it is has become a priority for a lot of people. 

Companies are also focusing on employee care on the balance of personal and professional life. 

Our homes are an essential part of our surroundings and can directly affect our wellness state. Clean and airy spaces are proven to help with stress and having access to the outside has a big effect on our general mood. 

It is important to consider that living within a community that values wellbeing and health is probably one of the best things that can be done to be motivated to pursue it as well. 

“Miami now serves as an example of this evolution with the highest number of residents that feel connected to their community, which is a strong component of social wellness.” Josh McCarter, Mindbody CEO.

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