The Living Lab Blog


This project starts with two sisters living apart in Miami and Barcelona. Both moved by dedication and expertise, who decided to create an innovative space where exclusive properties are carefully selected to fit into the rigorous standards that set them apart from others. 

The main objectives for Living Lab are: 

To deliver a client-focused service that leads to a dynamic understanding of the needs and lifestyle of each customer to ensure a highly personalized experience. 

Keeping up with the latest market trends and innovation to make sure that we are always up to date with the current situation and subsequently are able to operate in the most efficient way for our clientele.

To carry a variety of outstanding properties that are unique, that can be perfectly matched to our clients, finding the adequate property for them. 

We are excited to share a project as special as this one and to meet new challenges that will help us grow. Living Lab was born as a missing piece in the Real Estate world and been has been designed to be one of a kind, impeccable.

Welcome to Living Well Properties Lab